Frequently Asked Questions at Mobility Superstore


  1. Do you process Medicare claims?
  2. Do I have to purchase batteries?
  3. Why don't you carry some other brands of power wheelchairs and scooters?
  4. What is In-Home Setup?
  5. What kind of warranty do you offer?
  • QuestionDo you process Medicare claims?
    AnswerWe have chosen not to process Medicare claims in order to offer you better prices. However, you will still be able to file a claim on your own using the invoice we provide.
  • QuestionDo I have to purchase batteries?
    AnswerItems that need batteries to operate come with batteries. This includes all mobility scooters and power wheelchairs. Some travel scooters can be purchased with an extra battery pack so that you can exchange them and still use your scooter while the other battery charges. Lifts and carriers generally require wiring to your vehicle's battery, although a few models do include batteries.
  • QuestionWhy don't you carry some other brands of power wheelchairs and scooters?
    AnswerWe have worked for many years in the business and we know which manufacturers care about helping customers and which ones are just looking to make a sale. We only work with manufacturers who make quality products and are willing to back them with the technical support necessary to keep you on the move.
  • QuestionWhat is In-Home Setup?
    AnswerIn-Home Setup means that your adjustable bed or power wheelchair will be delivered inside your home, set up so that you can use it, and then demonstrated for you. Also, all boxes and packaging will be removed. This does not cover headboard installation on adjustable beds due to problems that can arise from installing antique headboards.
  • QuestionWhat kind of warranty do you offer?
    AnswerMost of our scooters come with a warranty that varies by manufacturer. If you want to learn specific warranty details associated with an individual scooter, call today to speak with an expert. In most cases, if you need repairs and service, you will be able to simply call the service number that we provide and a technician will be scheduled to come repair your scooter.


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