Preparing for Delivery of Your Lift Chair

Preparing for delivery
Know your door’s width – Before ordering your lift chair, measure the width of your door, in order to avoid problems of getting the chair into your home. Our lift chair specialists can tell you the width of the box that your chair will arrive in. You can also opt to have the delivery driver bring your chair inside, which can make things much easier on you.
Box disposal – The boxes that we ship our chairs in are much sturdier than a standard cardboard box. Breaking down the box can be difficult, and knowing where to dispose of it can become a problem. If you are opted into the delivery set-up service, your box will be disposed of without any hassle.
Steps – Delivery drivers are not required to bring these packages up any stairs at all. If the use of a dolly or any other helpful moving device is needed, please let our lift chair specialists know, so that proper arrangements can be made.
Delivery refusal – Mobility Superstore pays for the delivery of your chair. If a delivery is refused, then you will be charged for this since there will have to be a second delivery back to us. If for any reason you need to stop a delivery, please call and let us know of the situation to avoid any problems.
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