What is a Stair Lift and How Can it Benefit My Life?

What is a Stair Lift?Stair Lift

Stair lifts are chairs that are used to assist a disabled person or person who has difficulty climbing stairs, safely travel up and down a staircase. You may have also heard of them referred to as chair lifts or stair chairs. They are all essentially the same thing. The largest difference between some stair lifts and others is that some are powered electrically and others can be battery-operated.
How Will A Stair Lift Benefit My Life?
Many elderly people don’t absolutely need a stair lift, but really could benefit a great deal from having one. Having to climb stairs on a regular basis, or even a couple times per day, can simply tire a person out and add unnecessary joint pain. Having a better rested grandmother, grandfather, mom, or dad can reduce the risk of a serious and costly fall or injury. So even though many will insist they don’t need or want a stair lift, it is always worth the extra money for the added sense of security provided by a quality stair lift. 
Those who suffer from a disability and are not physically capable of climbing up and down stairs are presented with a significant problem. This is when people are faced with the decision of having to move into another home, install an elevator in their existing house, or simply install a stair lift. Most people don’t want to move out of a house they have lived in for years, or in a lot of cases, decades. Depending on your home’s construction, an elevator may not even be an option and if it is an option, it can end up costing over $30,000.  Therefore, in most cases a stair lift is the most feasible option, and an economical one at that. With the money that you save, it’s easy to buy a second wheelchair to have at the top of the stairs once the lift has transported you to the top. Our stair lifts always have a swivel chair, so sliding from your wheelchair or scooter is an easy task. 
If you’re someone who can climb stairs but has trouble carrying things like groceries and laundry up and down, a stair lift can be of great help too. Someone who has trouble carrying things on the stairs now may have difficulty climbing up and down later in their life, so a lift chair would be a great investment. If you’re curious to see how a stair lift can benefit your life, call one of our experts today and they’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have.
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