Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts for Your Car's Trunk

Transporting A Wheelchair or Scooter Inside Your Vehicle’s TrunkScooter Boom Lift For Car Trunk


There a number of benefits to carrying your scooter or wheelchair in the trunk of your car. First, is the protection from the elements. You never want your mobility device getting rained or snowed on. Also, you never know what may be lying in the road as far as dirt and debris that can be flung up from your car’s tires and hit your wheelchair or scooter. Weight distribution is another benefit of transporting your wheelchair or scooter in the trunk, instead of having it hanging off the back end of your vehicle.
One problem that many people run into when using their trunk for carrying their wheelchair or scooter, is that it just won’t fit. Even some scooters that are made to break down and come apart for easy transportation will still not fit in the smallest trunks. You need to account for the “boom lift” that your lift will have. The boom lift is the actual arm that your lift uses to pull your chair or scooter off the ground and into the trunk. Measuring the width of your trunk is necessary when purchasing a lift. It may also be helpful to know that tilting the base of your mobility device as it is lowered into the trunk may help in the loading process.
A lot of people who have smaller trunks prefer using a hitch lift, which is another type of “boom lift”. By mounting onto the hitch of your car, the hitch lift saves the extra room that is normally taken up by a standard inside vehicle lift. The hitch lift raises your mobility device up and over the edge of your trunk. Once your chair or scooter is lowered into the trunk of your vehicle, you can then detach the lift from your hitch. When deciding on a hitch lift, you need to take into consideration the hitch size and weight capacity. Hitches on vehicles can vary, so be sure to check the maximum hitch size and that your vehicle can handle the weight.
Don’t worry if your wheelchair or scooter doesn’t fit inside the trunk of your vehicle, as there are different options to choose from below.
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