Wheelchair and Scooter Lifts for SUVs and Vans

Transporting Your Wheelchair or Scooter With An SUV or VanPower Wheelchair Lift For Van
You may have seen vans with platforms and lifts that can raise or lower an occupied wheelchair or scooter into and out of a vehicle. We do not sell these types of lifts and they are usually only available through special order with a custom-designed vehicle.
However, we do offer a number of different lifts that are compatible with standard vans. There are two different kinds of lifts available for vans, including the boom and platform lifts. Some people prefer to not have to deal with wiring their lift to the car battery, and come with a separate battery pack. On the other hand, if you don’t want to deal with a battery pack, there are options for wiring your lift to the car’s electrical system.
There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to both the platform and boom lifts. Platform lifts will secure your chair or scooter in the back of your vehicle from moving, but cost significantly more and take up more room. Boom lifts are less expensive, generally take up less room, but your mobility device will need another way of being secured once inside the vehicle. 
It is also important to know how much your chair or scooter weighs in order to make an economical lift choice. The higher the weight capacity that a lift has, the higher its price will end up being. Also, take into account if you are thinking of purchasing a new mobility device that may weigh more than the one you have now. Being stuck dealing with a lift that can’t handle your new scooter or chair would be a waste of your time and money. 
You will need to carefully measure the opening (height and width) of your SUV or van to make sure that your mobility device will fit properly. Platform lifts can take up more room because of the way they are mounted on the floor, so you will need to be sure to account for this when comparing lifts. Boom-style lifts require a little bit of extra room also, so calling one of our specialists is recommended when finding the right lift for your vehicle.
There are some lifts that can load your chair or scooter from the side, behind the driver’s seat. They are very simple to use and sometimes easier to install without having to drill any holes in your vehicle. 
All of these lifts are designed to lift an unoccupied mobility device, so please do not try to operate any of these lifts with a person in them. 
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