Group 27 Sealed Gel Battery

Group 27 Sealed Gel Battery
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Group 27 Sealed Gel Battery
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A sealed Gel battery is the perfect replacement for the old battery in your mobility scooter or power wheelchair. Sealed batteries require no maintenance, won't spill, and are approved for nearly all forms of public transportation, even air travel.

Gel batteries can better handle extremely deep discharges compared to AGM batteries. However, both types are extremely well-suited for mobility use.

This sealed Gel battery is rated at 86.4 amps and is also known as a Group 27 battery. It's only found on the largest heavy-duty mobility scooters, power wheelchairs, and personal mobility vehicles.
  • Battery TypeGel
  • Voltage12 V
  • Capacity86.4 A
  • Terminal TypeT876
  • Sealed BatteryYes
  • Maintenance FreeYes
  • Approved for Public TransportationYes
  • Length12.75"
  • Width6.75"
  • Height9.25"
  • Weight62.7 lb
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