Mobility Scooters by Price - $1000-$1500

Here you will find mobility scooters under $1500. All of these scooters are of the highest quality, including a variety of the ever popular Pride Go-Go, Victory 9, and Golden Buzzaround models. 
In the $1000-$1500 price range you can find the highest quality travel scooters, as well as exceptionally priced mid-size scooters. Every mobility scooter you find on this page is among the most popular in the world for those that have trouble walking for extended periods of time, the elderly, or handicapped.
Finding a scooter that's perfect for your lifestyle can be a bit overwhelming, but our scooter specialists do it on a daily basis! Give us a call with any of your questions or concerns and we'll be glad to help! Call toll-free today! 1(877)852-3206

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